Memory Traditions

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We long for a way to honor and remember those we have lost. We want to create traditions and memorial item that brings us comfort and reminds us of our loved one. By creating a memory piece, you have both a comforting and personalized memento to remember your loved one.
To make a memory piece, it can be any objects out of your loved one’s old belongings. It keeps a piece of them around forever and gives you something when you need comforting.

There are many items you can repurpose into memory pieces.
For example, if you always went fishing together, you can make your memento out of your loved one’s old fishing outfit. Or, if you always cooked together, make your memento out of their old apron.
Some other items you can use to create a memorial item:
Alma mater clothing from their high school or college
Baby clothes
Beach towels
Favorite shirt or dress
Favorite sports team outfit or their own sports gear
Graduation robes
Military uniform
Outfits related to their hobbies such as gardening or crafting
Pair of jeans or overalls
Scrap fabric if they were an avid sewer
Wedding or prom dress
Work outfit
Hobbies or collection pieces

Items You Need
In addition to fabric or clothing items, these are other items you’ll need to make memory items:
Glue gun
Poster board
Sewing machine
Pins (to hold fabric in place while sewing)
Buttons (for the eyes and nose)
Creativity is Key

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